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Murata Machinery Constructs Parts Warehouse in Inuyama

March 29, 2018

Murata Machinery established Muratec Global Parts Center (MGPC) at the Inuyama Plant, and started operation on February 13.  Total floor space was about 8000 ㎡, and invested 2 billion yen.

In the past, a number of warehouses that existed individually in the workplace were integrated into MGPC.  Install its own auto-warehouses and store maintenance components and consumables, such as distribution systems, machine tool, and IT equipment (= photo).

MGPC is also used as a showroom for distribution systems, machine tool after-sales service bases, and automated warehouses.  In order to achieve more efficient parts supplies, it introduced its own IoT technologies.

Automated warehouses were equipped with cameras and sensors to achieve “visualization ” of operating conditions and inventory of components.  Business Continuity Plan (BCP) measures are also complete.

In the warehouse, the latest seismic isolation equipment was adopted, and the operation software was also standardized with the parts warehouse of other sites.  It has established a system that enables alternative shipments even if the MGPC is damaged.

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