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Okuma Machine Tool Engineering Museum completed at Nagoya University

April 17, 2020

Okuma Machine Tool Engineering Museum at Nagoya University started operation in April 2020. The tape-cutting was carried out by Okuma and Nagoya University related parties.

Okuma donated a total of 700 million yen in construction costs and started construction in FY2018 with the aim of strengthening basic research of machine tools, expanding donation courses, and fostering human resources who work internationally. The museum has two floors above ground and one floor below ground, and the building area is approximately 1500 m². The museum was equipped with a laboratory equipped with a large crane, a laboratory, a hall that can accommodate 180 people, and a seminar room. In the laboratory, several latest machine tools were installed, such as a multi-tasking machine capable of metal laminating and quenching with a laser.

Okuma has been involved in machine tool engineering education and research for over 10 years with Nagoya University. It is rare case that the company donates the entire facility to educational institutions, including the provision of machine tools. At a press conference held in April 2017, Chairman Yoshimaro Hanaki said, “We would like researchers to look ahead to the next 5-10 years and do world-leading R & D.”

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