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Shimadzu releases new kit detects coronavirus in an hour

April 17, 2020

Shimadzu will release the “2019 Novel Coronavirus Detection Kit” which was under development on April 20, 2020. The overall time can be significantly shortened compared to the conventional inspection method. Shimadzu produces 100,000 test samples’ worth per month. The kits will only be available in Japan, but preparations are underway to export these kits overseas from May, 2020 onwards

According to Shimadzu, the process of extracting and purifying RNA from a sample collected from the nose or throat is complicated, time-consuming, and requires manual work, and it hindered the rapid and large-scale detection of virus detection by the PCR method. The new- developed kit can omit the RNA extraction and purification steps, so the test time can be shortened to about 1 hour, which is half that of conventional tests. Testing can be done in less than one and a half hours using a 96-sample. The price is 225,000 yen excluding tax for a kit for 100 samples.

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