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Advanced machining technology symposium, AI application as theme

April 10, 2024

The Advanced Machining Technology & Development Association (AMTDA, Chairman: Kenichi Matsuno) held an Advanced Machining Technology Symposium on February 19 at Kasumiyama Hall in Tokyo, Japan (=photo). This was the 33rd time the event was held after a four-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of the symposium was “The Frontiers of AI Technology Utilization in Manufacturing” and attracted about 50 participants. 

Professor Hiromoto Fujiyoshi of Chubu University provided insights into deep learning and generative artificial intelligence (AI), while Okuma and Yamazaki Mazak presented concrete examples of AI applications. 

Musashi AI (Aichi, Japan, President: Sota Murata) introduced the implementation of AI systems at production sites through case studies, emphasizing the importance of building systems that leverage strengths. AMTDA’s AI Research Group also shared a case study from Okinawa Powder Foods (Okinawa, Japan, President: Hidetaka Taira), which is working on business improvement through the use of generative AI “Chat GPT”. 

The Q&A session was filled with engaging discussions and detailed inquiries, underscoring the keen interest in AI utilization within the manufacturing landscape in Japan.


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