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DMG MORI accelerates online strategy due to the spread of COVID-19

April 30, 2020

DMG MORI strengthens its online services as the number of their customers who work from home increases due to the spread of COVID-19.

DMG MORI started to meet the customers to inspect the  machine tools  before it is shipped by utilizing an online conference system on April 23, 2020.  It is  very important to meet the customers to inspect the appearance of machine, machining accuracy, and workpieces at the factory  before it is shipped.However, because of the travel restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19, it is now difficult  to meet the customers to check the machine at their factory. Therefore, the company started to on-site witness for machine tools utilizing the online conference system. The customers can check the images from multiple cameras installed on the machine tool or system before shipment in real time. In addition, the confidential information of customers is protected by using  DMG MORI’s exclusive network and connecting just by the its employees’ terminals.

Besides that, DMG MORI has offered information of machine tools such as the latest products and machining technologies on YouTube channels and their own websites. While online learning is spreading due to the COVID-19, DMG MORI promotes the use of such content. In the YouTube channel, high-quality product videos that combine full CG and 4K video, machining technology, automation, and machine tool user videos will be released. Also, on the website, a short movie “DMG MORI x Front Runner” that introduces their customers who are challenging advanced initiatives using DMG MORI’s machines.

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