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Yaskawa launches a clean robot for semiconductor wafer handling with improved positioning accuracy

May 29, 2020

Yaskawa Electric launched a 5-axis single-arm type clean robot “SEMISTAR-GEKKO MD124D” that transfers semiconductor substrate wafers on May 28, 2020.

The new robot adopts direct drive system that directly drives the robot arm using its original AC servo motor “Σ-7 series” instead of mounting a reducer on the robot arm. The positioning accuracy is doubled, and vibration is 1/6 comparing with the conventional one. “SEMISTAR-GEKKO MD124D” can be applied to transfer 300 mm semiconductor wafers. It contributes to accurate transportation and improves productivity.

At the same time, Yaskawa Electric have also developed a compact and lightweight standard controller for clean robots, “SR200”. The volume of the robot has been reduced by 42% and the weight has been reduced by 35% compared to the conventional one, while ideal for major standard such as SEMI standards by adopting an original machine controller (MP) of electric component.

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