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Yaskawa Electric launches multi-purpose shelf-type robot for transporting automobile body parts and jigs

April 9, 2020

Yaskawa Electric added a shelf-type “MOTOMAN-GP300R” to multi-purpose robot in the MOTOMAN-GP series, and launched it on April 7, 2020. The new product is suitable for transportation of automobile body parts, jigs and transportation between machines. The payload is 300kg and the maximum reach is 3220mm. MOTOMAN-GP300R operates downwards with wide area where the footprint is mounted, and makes it ideal for handling work from above. In addition, it does not require a robot installation space on the floor, and it is possible to build compact and productive production lines by combining floor-standing robots.

The allowable moment of inertia of the wrist axis have been increased. It can be used in the assembly process of automobile bodies to accommodate larger jigs for handling parts and in the transportation process of workpieces that have a long distance from the gripping part to the barycenter.

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