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KHI automates temperature measurement by cobot

June 8, 2020

The usage of robots has been expanded as COVID-19 spreads. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has installed an automatic temperature measurement system using its original dual-arm collaborative SCARA robot “duAro2” at the corporate museum “Kawasaki Good Times World” in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, which restart to operation on June 2.

Kawasaki World automates to check visitors’ body temperature and prevents COVID-19 spreading.

A non-contact temperature sensor was attached to the right hand of the robot, and an open bar was attached to the left hand. When visitors get their forehead closer to the sensor and put their hands over the sensor, the system starts to measure the body temperature. When the body temperature is below the regulation, the bar opens. If the temperature is higher, the cobot automatically informs the staff.

Visitors do not have to be contact with people when they check their body temperature and contribute to the prevention of COVID-19 spreading.

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