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FUJI invests in a US start-up to make robot smarter

July 17, 2020

FUJI announced investment in RIOS, a US startup in California, which develops human-like tactile sensors on July 1, 2020. RIOS provides a high-precision tactile sensor that combines sensing technology such as tactile sensation, pressure, and temperature with artificial intelligence technology. If this technology is applied to a robot hand, the robot can not only grab the object but also detect the state and shape of the surface of the object. FUJI aims to further enhance the intelligence of robots by combining the technologies of both companies.

Dr. Bernard Casse, CEO of RIOS said “FUJI is a visionary company fueled by an innovative spirit mentality – they made an early investment in RIOS’ when our technology was still in its infancy. Our partnership has been very synergistic – together we’ve built an augmented robotics platform for the Japanese market by combining their robots with RIOS’ technology stack.”

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