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Amada launched a fiber laser welder which triples the welding speed

August 28, 2020

AMADA WELD TECH of the Amada Group launched the fiber laser welder “MF-C2000A Series”. The new welding machine is equipped with a laser oscillator with a maximum output of 2kW, and can be used for aluminum welding of vehicle batteries and copper welding of electrical components.

The New welding machine is equipped with AMADA WELD TECH ‘s original laser output control technology that can precisely control the heat input to the machining part. As a result, problems such as oversupply or shortage of power are reduced, and high quality and stable welding machining is realized.

There are two types of laser oscillators named single mode and multi-mode. The single-mode model has doubled the maximum output and tripled the welding speed compared to the conventional model. The machine is designed to be compact with the size of 556mm width x 1073mm depth x 1153mm height. The multi-mode model is suitable for welding iron.

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