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JIMTOF 2020 online announces details of online seminars

November 6, 2020

JIMTOF 2020 Online, machine tool trade show be held online for 12 days from November 16th to November 27th, 2020. 395 exhibitors from 9 countries and regions will join JIMTOF 2020 Online and present latest products and cutting-edge technologies.

Registration for JIMTOF 2020 Online will start from November 5th at the official website.

A number of seminars on wide-ranging topics will be held during the JIMTOF 2020 Online. Leading researchers and notable figures in the field of machine tools and robotics will appear on these seminars, providing insights about cutting-edge researches and key trends about the future of technology. A total of 8 seminars will be held by organizers of JIMTOF 2020 Online. All seminars can be viewed for free and are available in English.

To kick off JIMTOF 2020 Online, Key Note Seminar by Mr. Ken Koibuchi, Senior General Manager, Advanced Safety System Field, Advanced R&D and Engineering Company of Toyota Motor Company will be held under the theme of “Freedom of Movement for All – Development of auto-driving technology for the future of mobility” on November 16th.

A special seminar, “GUNDAM moves at Yokohama – GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE”, will be held on November 20th. Key members of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE, which takes up the challenge of making the full-scale GUNDAM move, will discuss the future of robotics technologies as well as the GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE.

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