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Makino Milling Machine showcased a new vertical 5 axis MC in Nagoya

August 25, 2017

Makino Milling Machine held “New Products Presentation Meetings” at the Nagoya Branch for two days, August 24 and August 25, 2017. Approximately 300 people came mainly from die mold users in Chubu area.

New 5 axis vertical machining center “V80S” was showcased for the first time.  Tomohisa Hagiwara, Nagoya Branch Manager, explained, “there are large number of die mold processing users for automobiles in Nagoya, that made us to decide the first place to show our V80S.”  The company aims to sell 50 units a year.

The machine is specialty in machining such as semi-finishing and finishing of resin molding die for automobiles. A compact spindle with a tilting  and a rotating axis are mounted, and high speed and accuracy machining is realized. In addition, it has adopted a proprietary technology “double slant structure” with the spindle rotating axis and column diagonal.  Since the center of gravity of the machine can be made lower than general double column five-face milling machine, it also supports higher speed operation.  Mr. Hagiwara said, “it is V80S to satisfy both high accuracy and short delivery time in the die mold processing of plastics.”  V80S was demonstrated at the venue.  Many visitors were amazed at the speed of processing (photo).

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