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Pursuing speed of part processing

January 1, 2018

Makino Milling Machine
5 axis horizontal machining center

5 axis horizontal machining center (MC) “a500Z” for part processing significantly shortened cutting time as well as non-cutting time.  It adopted the company’s design concept “Intelligent ROI (Reduction of Inertia) design.  “A unique tilt table was merged.By reducing the weight of the table unit, the operation speeded up,and adopted a structure that supports the table diagonally from below.  This allows horizontal setup even in the horizontal MC.

In addition, the two X-axis guides for guiding the columns were used as slant beds with different steps, and the columns were made lighter while ensuring the rigidity in the Z-axis direction, thereby realizing higher acceleration performance.  The spindle is a quick direct drive system that reaches up to 14,000 rpm and up to the maximum revolution in 1.6 seconds.Maximum loading weight corresponds to 400 kg and size of pallet is 500 mm angle.

The tool breakage detecting device “Vision B.T.S.” is also normally installed to shorten the cycle time and improve the productivity.  A wide range of parts such as automobiles, semiconductors, construction machines, and aircraft are targeted.


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