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Makino launches MAG4 5-axis MC to meet growing demand in the aircraft market

March 27, 2023

Makino Milling Machine began marketing its “MAG4 (B ver.)” 5-axis machining center on March 17, 2023.

The demand forecast announced by Boeing for passenger and freighter aircraft over the next 20 years is 41,170. In addition, the aircraft market is busy again with a 5 trillion yen aircraft order from a Chinese airline, a 10 trillion yen order from Air India, and a 5 trillion yen order from a Saudi Arabian airline, and the average annual growth rate of air passenger demand is estimated at 3.6%. Under these conditions, Makino has developed the MAG4 (B ver.) for the expanding aircraft market.

A new addition to the MAG series (MAG1, MAG3 and MAG3.EX), the MAG4 delivers high productivity in machining large aluminum ribs for aircraft wings and body frames by combining the specifications required for high-speed, high-performance spindles, agile feed axes and long-term automatic operation. It is also suitable for machining large aluminum parts, such as those used in high-speed trains.

<Main Specifications>

Working area (X × Y × Z) 4000 × 2200 × 800 mm

Traversing range (A × C): ±110 × 360 degrees

Maximum work size (W × D × H): 4000 × 2000 × 700 mm

Maximum load capacity: 4000 kg

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