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Okuma remodels flagship double column MC

November 25, 2020

Okuma launched new model “MCR-BV” of a double column machining center (MC) on November 16, 2020. Okuma’s double column MC flagship model “MCR-BⅢ” has been remodeled to improve machining capacity and machining accuracy. “MCR-BV” is also equipped with the latest intelligent technologies.

The conventional model mounted a gear-driven spindle, but “MCR-BV” adopted an integral motor spindle. “MCR-BV” uses a motor with a higher output than the conventional model to improve machining efficiency. It also strengthens the rigidity of mechanical structures and tables, and responds heavy cutting of large workpieces. The rapid traverse is also doubled on the X-axis and 1.6 times on the Y-axis, leading to a reduction in non-cutting time.

Besides, “MCR-BV” has been equipped with intelligent technologies such as “3D calibration” that maintains high volumetric accuracy in the big machining area and “accuracy stability diagnosis function” that the machine itself diagnoses the stability of the machine accuracy as a standard specification. It is possible to measure at the same accuracy level as if using a coordinate measuring machine and high-precision machining and dimensional measurement can be integrated into one machine.

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