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Hitachi and PTC Japan collaborate to commit DX of Okuma

August 27, 2020

Hitachi and PTC Japan announced on August 20, 2020 that they would collaborate to provide a next-generation solution that optimizes overall, connecting the value chain from product planning, design, procurement, production, and maintenance services in the manufacturing industry.

As the first step of the collaboration, the two companies work on a joint proposal to realize the digital transformation (DX) of Okuma, a leading machine tool builder.

Hitachi brings solutions for supply chain management, and PTC provides solution for engineering chain management to promote digitization of the manufacturing industry. The supply chain refers to a chains of business processes from raw material procurement to manufacturing, logistics, and sales, until products reach consumers. The engineering chain refers to a series of work flow from product planning and development to design, prototype evaluation, production, and maintenance.

Masato Ryoki, senior executive director of Okuma said, “Okuma has been working on a high-efficiency production system utilizing IoT with Hitachi and CAD and PLM construction with PTC. We are confident that this collaboration will strongly promote Okuma’s DX.”

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