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DMG MORI commends excellent cutting workpiece

November 26, 2020

DMG MORI announced on November 10, 2020 that the winning works of “The 15th Cutting Dream Contest”, which commends excellent cutting workpieces, have been decided. Jury selected 22 from 55 works.

The winner of the gold prize in the industrial parts machining category was the elastic pump

machined by ISHII LATHE FACTORY in Ota-ku, Tokyo. The jury evaluated that teflon was machined with high precision with a film thickness of 0.2 mm and an accuracy level of ± 0.03 mm, and that the angle of the mountain was also machined with high precision of 30 degrees.

DMG MORI will hold an awards ceremony at the Tokyo Global Headquarters on December 8th. All submitted works have been exhibited since November 16th on the “Digital Twin Showroom”, which DMG MORI reproduce the company’s showroom on the website.

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