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Mazak provides remote support service for machine tools free of charge for 3 years

December 17, 2020

Yamazaki Mazak announced on December 2, 2020 that it provides a remote support service “Mazak i CONNECT” free of charge for three years for machine tools equipped with the CNC device “MAZATROL Smooth Ai”. The service is available for the machines sold after December, 2020.

Demand for remote support will increase due to COVID-19 spreading. Yamazaki Mazak used to sell dedicated communication equipment, but it has been installed as standard specification.

The remote support service was offered from 376,000 yen in the first year and 98,000 yen after the second year, but it has been provided free of charge for three years to customers who purchased the target models. Customers can check the operating status of machines from their PCs and smartphones.

New features will be added to Mazak i CONNECT in January 2021. One of new functions is that it periodically check the status of  the mill spindle of a machine tool and the support center diagnoses more details in case of detecting an abnormality.

Yamazaki Mazak plans to further expand the functions of Mazak i CONNECT and aims to contribute to the digitization and productivity improvement of customers’ factories through the provision of services.

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