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Mazak launches the easy setup automation system

October 28, 2020

Yamazaki Mazak launched the automation system “MA Series” for vertical machining centers (MC) and 5-axis machines.

The “MA Series” consists of a vertical articulated arm robot, a stocker, a safety cover, and a scanner for safety monitoring. The “MA Series” is compatible with the vertical MC “VCN Series” and “VTC Series” and the 5-axis machine “VARIAXIS C Series”, and can automates the attachment and detachment of workpieces. The user can use to install the dedicated software on the CNC device.

The user can create a robot motion program simply by inputting information such as motion patterns and workpiece shapes into the software. It is not necessary to do complicated teaching. Programs can be created with the CNC device that machine tool users are accustomed to. Therefore, SMEs can easily use the “MA series”.

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