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JTEKT strengthens IoE proposal and launches 4 solutions

December 25, 2020

JTEKT has strengthened its “Internet of Everything (IoE)” proposal, which connects not only things but also people’s information. JTEKT launched four IoE solutions at once on November 16, 2020, the first day of the JIMTOF2020 Online, Japan’s largest machine tool trade fair online.

One of the four IoE solutions, JTEKT RemoteTalk, is a web conferencing tool that specializes in the witnessed confirming process of machine tool before shipment.

The users can easily connect with domestic and foreign customers and hold web conferences with up to 50 locations. Besides, JTEKT has launched “JTEKT ShareBoard,” a communication tool which allows employees to easily share issues in real-time using a smartphone.

In addition, JTEKT have launched two types of IoE solutions that realize visualization of equipment and factories, a high-end model and an entry model.

The target of each solution is manufacturing industry, which aims for a smart factory. JTEKT aims to achieve annual sales of 1 billion yen over the next five years, including sales of existing IoE solutions.

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