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Yamazaki Mazak launches 5-axis machine with improved basic performance

January 14, 2021

Yamazaki Mazak has added the simultaneous 5-axis machining center “VARIAXIS i-800 NEO” to the “VARIAXIS series”. The new machine has improved basic performance and is equipped with the newly developed  CNC device “MAZATROL Smooth Ai”.

The maximum workpiece size is 1000 mm in width x 415 mm in depth, and the travel axis is increased to X axis 750 mm x Y axis 890 mm Z axis 600 mm. Multiple workpieces can be fixed with jigs and machined at the same time.

Artificial intelligence can pattern the factors that cause machining errors from the workpiece measurement data logs, and automatically correct the machining errors. It also enables connection with various automation systems.

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Yamazaki Mazak

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