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JTEKT launches a horizontal MC equipped with AI and having a wide machining area

January 25, 2021

JTEKT has launched the horizontal machining center “FH12500SX5-i”, which has excellent cutting performance and is suitable for large parts.

The maximum workpiece size is 2400 mm in diameter x 2000 mm in height. The traverse of the XYZ axes is 2400 x 1800 x 1850 mm with wide machining area.

The new model is equipped with the next-generation high-power spindle “KAIJU SPINDLE” with a maximum torque of 2200 Nm as standard equipment. The rigidity of structures such as beds and columns has also been increased. According to the iron milling test conducted by JTEKT, the cutting performance per minute is 1830㎤. In order to support high cutting performance, the new model has three chip conveyors installed in the machine to improve chip evacuation. Besides, the company has devised an inclined surface of the cover inside the machine to prevent the accumulation of chips and stabilize its machinability.

The new model is equipped with “EDGE CHECKER” as option, which uses its original artificial intelligence (AI) to accumulate machine processing data and determine cutting tool life in real time. Tools were usually replaced based on quantitative control so far, but with the installation of “EDGE CHECKER”, tools can be used until its life ends up so the tool costs can be reduced.

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