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DMG MORI establishes new company: Taking customers other than metalworking(1/2)

January 29, 2021

Supporting on-site productivity improvement

DMG MORI established a new company “T Project” in September 2020. T Project will be in charge of sales of “TULIP” in Japan, a platform service that supports productivity improvement of manufacturing sites utilizing digital technology. T Project proposes TULIP not only to the metalworking industry but also to the pharmaceutical, food, and logistics industries, and aims to sell 30 licenses by March 2021.

To achieve digitization and visualization

T Project is headquartered in the “Tokyo Digital Innovation Center” of Development & production base in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The number of employees at the beginning is four. Initial capital is 10 million yen and is wholly owned by DMG MORI.

TULIP is a platform for creating applications such as work procedure manuals and quality control systems, realizing on-site digitization, visualization, process improvement, and productivity improvement. Operators who don’t have programming expertise can also create apps.

It is easy to edit the apps, so that operators can flexibly meet the changes of product specifications and manufacturing processes. TULIP can also be connected with measuring equipment and existing systems. Dr. Masahiko Mori president of DMG MORI explained at a web press conference in May 2020, ” Operators who works at manufacturing site can easily create manuals with TULIP.”

TULIP is available as a subscription, and the annual usage fee is 360,000 yen excluding tax per license. In addition, a “basic set” consisting of a barcode reader and indicator lights and so on is also available as an option.

The second part of this article will be uploaded on February 1st.

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