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Aichi Sangyo organizes commemorate of the 80th anniversary

October 11, 2017

Aichi Sangyo held “Metal 3D Laminated Seminar” as a memorial project of the 80th anniversary of its establishment in Tokyo on 11th October 2017 (= picture).  Approximately 250 people came from manufacturing industries in Japan.

In the seminar it had the lecturers from Siemens, Germany and Rolls-Royce, England.  The latest trends and examples of metal laminate molding in Europe and North America are introduced, and future possibilities are discussed.

Aichi Sngyo recently handles welding systems and machining centers newly.  Solutions related to metal laminate molding are proposed to domestic users.

Takahiro Inoue, the president of Aichi Sangyo, said vigorously, “in Europe and the United States, technology for metal-layered molding is advancing. I would like to introduce information and technology worldwide and contribute to Japanese manufacturing.”

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