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MOBIO held seminar in East Osaka

November 8, 2017

On November 8, Monozukuri Business center Osaka (MOBIO), which is mainly operated by Osaka Prefecture, held seminars at the Creation Core, East Osaka.
Approximately 60 people from small businesses and support organizations in Osaka Prefecture participated.
The seminar was entitled “Cutting experts talking about IROHA(=first thing) of Technology, Tool and Productivity Improvement,” and three instructors climbed.
Honorary professor Hirokazu Kitajima, Kwansei Gakuin University talked about “Recent Trends in Cutting Technology Corresponding to burr-less”, Hideo Tokunaga from Nissan Motor talked about “Cutting with understanding of the properties of the workpiece,” and Chikara Morigou, the president of TOKUPI talked about “Production reform of cutting processing with latest HPB super high pressure coolant.”
Mr. Morigou said “I would like to explain the merits of introducing the ultra-high-pressure coolant to the small and medium-sized companies in Osaka and encourage the introduction of equipment.”
The seminar exceeded 3 hours, but the attendees heard the lecture interestingly.
One of the attendees says “I did not use ultra-high-pressure coolant. But the lecture was very helpful to me.”
After the seminar, a networking event was thrown.

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