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Fifty people participated in the Sandvik Processing Seminar

September 15, 2017

Coromant, the cutting tool division of Sandvik group held a machining seminar at its head office on September 15 2017.  Fifty people participated (=photo).

The seminar focused on processing heat resistant alloys, and people who processes aircraft parts were attended.  In the commentary on turning processing, “CoroTurn Prime” and on rolling processing “Ceramic Milling” of the company was mentioned as an example respectively.  In the explanation of the machining using the round tip, the optimum machining method such as changing the cut amount, the cut angle, and the contact angle was explained.

After the seminars, everyone moved to a showroom and demonstrated the processing of refractory alloys and titanium alloys using high-pressure coolant.  Advantages of introducing high-pressure coolant were demonstrated while explaining each point such as good cutting ability of chips, extension of life of tool and improvement of cutting speed in an easy-to-understand manner.  Participants looked at the screens showing the machining center’s processing room and heard explanations to confirm the utility of the tool.

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