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Sandvik held general meeting of distributors

February 15, 2018

The Coromant Company, which handles Sandvik cutting tools, held general meetings of a sales agent association “Coromant Association,” in three locations, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya (photo). The first meeting was held in Nagoya on February 15, 2018.

Mr. Masakazu Takaya, president of the Coromant Company, explained “We were able to achieve sales growth without lagging behind a strong market”.

Sales of key products increased, including sales through trading companies’ sales of insert tools and solid tools.

On the other hand, delays in efforts to increase customer productivity, difficulties in selling new products, and disruptions in business processes and system upgrades dragged the company down.

Mr. Michael Eneberi, president of Japanese Corporation and Southeast Asia, said, “Worldwide orders for the Machining Solutions division, of which Coromant is a part,  increased by 12% last year, and sales increased by 10%”

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