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Digital tools of the on-site workers, by on-site workers, for on-site workers (2/2)

May 11, 2021

Digital tools originated from the manufacturing site of Japanese factories are appearing one after another. ARM, which manufactures automation equipment, has developed an artificial intelligence system that automatically generates machining programs. MATSUDA DENKI, which manufactures switch parts for automobiles, has commercialized an operation monitoring system for equipment. These two tools were born from the manufacturing site of the Japanese factory. The target market is also the manufacturing site. The second  part of the article introduces MATSUDA DENKI’s equipment operation monitoring system.

The first part of the article is here. It introduces ARM ‘s AI system.

Tools supervised by employees who are familiar with the site

MATSUDA DENKI released the equipment operation monitoring system “Genba Vision” in May 2021. Genba means “manufacturing site” in Japanese. Genba Vision is a digital tool for manufacturing sites. “Employees who are familiar with the manufacturing site supervised Genba Vision,” said Yuki Matsuda, director of MATSUDA DENKI.

Genba Vision consists of a photoelectric sensor that measures the operation of one cycle, an optical photo sensor that reads the light of the indicator light, and a dedicated communication device. Users can visualize the operating status and production progress of production equipment by installing photoelectric sensors and optical photo sensors into the production equipment.

Genba Vision can visualize the operating status by simply retrofitting existing equipment with an external sensor, so it can be used regardless of equipment type, model year, or maker.

The company has simplified the functionality, assuming that operators will use Genba Vision. The initial cost is 500,000 yen. Users can purchase the second and subsequent units for 150,000 yen per unit. The maintenance fee is 1000 yen per unit per month.

The main target of Genba Vision is the small and medium-sized manufacturing industry. MATSUDA DENKI does not simply sell Genba Vision, but also provides consulting services to improve the manufacturing site. The company proposes content that meets customer needs from among the 100 improvement cases accumulated at its manufacturing site.

MATSUDA DENKI released a beta version in March 2021 prior to the official release of Genba Vision. “We received inquiries from nearly 10 companies,” said Matsuda director.


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