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Aiming to increase sales by standardizing work (1/2)

May 15, 2019

To be able to machine with high-precision for everyone

Yamada Seisakusho excels in grinding cylindrical or axial workpieces.

It has two robot systems with 30 employees. There are a large number of young female employees working in the factory. Yamada Seisakusho has focused on standardizing its work for more than 10 years, basing on the belief that everyone can machine with high precision.

Yamada Seisakusho’s catchphrase is “the company that makes a circle round” and the company excels in grinding cylindrical and axial workpieces and seeks high dimensional accuracy, coaxiality, and roundness on the micron level.

The company is responsible for machining a wide range of workpieces, including hydraulic parts and parts for printing machines, which require high machining accuracy, as well as parts for automobiles and electric power tools.

A skilled craftsman faces the machine at the site since the know-how is very important for grinding.If you imagine these scenes, you may be surprised at the atmosphere of the factory.

At the third plant, which started operation in 2017, two robot systems based on a vertical-articulated robot and a cylindrical grinding machine operate silently. In addition, A single cylindrical grinding machines are also equipped. There are a large number of young female employees working in the factory. 17 of the 30 employees are women, accounting for more than half of all employees. They are in charge of manipulating the cylindrical grinding machine.

Insights     Ash Kuwasaki, editor

I interviewed with Yamada Seisakusho. Yamada guided me to the manufacturing site where the robot was introduced. It was impressive to see young women operating robots and processing machines where music was playing. The use of female human resources and robots are considered to be the key in Japanese manufacturing industry suffering from labor shortage. Yamada Seisakusho has introduced both of them, though it is a small business. Why could it realize that? We will deliver the information in the second part. It may be helpful for small business owners who are considering automation.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine April 2019 issue

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