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Mitsui Seiki Kogyo showcases latest 5-axis microfabrication machine at open house

May 13, 2021

Machine tool builder Mitsui Seiki Kogyo held an open house at its head office factory in Kawajima-Machi, Saitama Prefecture, from March 17th to 19th, 2021. The open house was held divided into two parts, morning program and afternoon program. 110 people including customers visited the venue.

A new product “PJ303X” of the Precision Center was attracted the attention from visitors. The PJ303X is a vertical 5-axis microfabrication machine with supremely high accuracy. The main target is the micro molds machining. The PJ303X is equipped with the latest thermal displacement correction function, which can significantly suppress the thermal displacement of the spindle. Besides, a highly rigid triangular rib structure is adopted for the bed and column. The operator can also use the PJ303X as a grinding machine by setting a grindstone with a spindle on an automatic tool changer.

President Kinichi Kato said, “In the future, there will be no boundary between cutting and grinding. We need a machine that can perform precision machining in both cutting and grinding.”

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