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Citizen Machinery releases compact automatic lathe

May 27, 2021

Citizen Machinery, a leading automatic lathe builder, will release a new model “Cincom L20 VII” of a sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathes in late June 2021.

This new product will be newly added to the lineup of Citizen Machinery’s best-selling machine “Cincom L20 Series”. The Cincom L20 VII is the most compact model in the series. Compared to the current model, the depth of the machine is 155 mm shorter and the installation area is reduced by 13%. Despite its compact size, this new product has increased the number of bites mounted to six, expanding the variety of machining.

Targets are precision equipment parts, electronic equipment parts, medical equipment parts, automobile-related parts, etc. The maximum machining diameter is 20 mm. It is planned to produce 10 units a month

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