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Online exhibition goes niche to mainstream in Japan (3/3)

February 25, 2021

Japanese each FA builder held online exhibitions from January to February 2021. Each company not only introduced new products and technologies on its website, but they also held live webinars. The editorial department of SEISANZAI Japan will introduce the web exhibitions of Citizen Machinery, NSK, and Yaskawa Electric for three days. The last one is Yaskawa Electric, a robot maker.

The web exhibition of Citizen Machinery is here.

The web exhibition of NSK is here.

The importance of data utilization was introduced

Yaskawa Electric held an online exhibition “i3-Mechatronics World” for a month in February 2021. The theme of i3-Mechatronics World was “Data utilization to realize smart factories”. The robot maker introduced an example of an automation system that utilizes digital data. For example, in the case of an implement system of electronic component, measurement data was used. By measuring the position of an electronic component, the system can correct the movement of the robot in real time according to the displacement of the position.

Yaskawa Electric delivered a lecture by Masahiro Ogawa, director of robotics division, for a week from February 1st to 7th. Ogawa talked about the importance of utilizing data to achieve stable production.

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