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Nidec Machine Tool unveil first new machines at first open house

November 2, 2021

Machine tool builder Nidec Machine Tool, ex-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool, held an open house for its new products at its headquarters plant in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, on October 12-15 and 18-20, 2021 for seven days. The company launched two large double-column machining centers (MC) at the open house (photo). This was the first time for Nidec Machine Tool to hold an open house.

The new products are the “MVR-Cx”, a standard model in the MVR series of double-column MCs, and the “MVR-Hx”, a high-end model. Nidec Machine Tool also announced new products for the first time. Both models fill the gap between the existing entry-level model and the flagship model.

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