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TAIYO KOKI releases cylindrical grinder for mass-production

November 30, 2021

TAIYO KOKI, known for its vertical grinding machines, released a new CNC cylindrical grinding machine, the “CGX25 series”, in October 2021.

The CGX25 series is the successor to the “CGN series” of CNC cylindrical grinding machines, which are ideal for mass-production machining of small and medium-sized parts. There are three models: the “CGX25/30” with a center-to-center distance of 300 mm, the “CGX25/60” with 600 mm, and the “CGX25/100” with 1000 mm. The workpiece sizes to be machined are larger than those of conventional machines, enabling a wider range of machining.

The main target is shaft-shaped workpieces for automobiles, machine tools, industrial machinery, and construction machinery. The sales target is 50 units per year.


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