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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Grinding machines and EDM

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.


▶ Grinding machines

Okamoto Machine Tool Works / UPZ63Li

Okamoto Machine Tool Works (Hall 11, Stand D71), a total abrasive process machine manufacturer, will showcase 6 types of grinding machines at EMO 2019. What Okamoto recommends the most is the CNC ultra precision form grinding machine, UPZ63Li, which has already attracted a lot of attention in Japan.

Adopting the table linear motor drive enables fine form grinding by the high-speed reciprocate. In addition, it includes benefits such as table stopping accuracy of within 1μm. It can also be carried out accurate positioning, respond to on-machine measuring device using a CCD camera or touch probe as optional. Its target industries for UPZ63Li are the electrical and electronic components. In addition to UPZ63Li, Okamoto will propose automation using articulated robots to the grinding machine market where the needs for automation has been increasing.


Amada Machine Tools / MEISTER-G3 UP

Amada Machine Tools (Hall 11, Stand D51 & Hall 15, Stand E16) will exhibit at two locations at the hall 11 and hall 15 for each exhibitor. The company will showcase a total of 4 models of grinding machine at the hall 11, including the high precision forming grinder MEISTER-G3 UP and the optical profile grinder GLS-150GL UP.

High precision forming grinder MEISTER-G3 UP is suitable for the machining of die mold and the parts of precision machinery. The installation of a newly built-in robot enables automatic operation for a long time. The maximum workpieces size is 100×100×70mm, and the maximum stored number of workpieces, grinding wheels, and coolant nozzles is 15. The spindle speed is 500 to 10,000 rpm. The three main features are as follows: 1. It can be used as both ATC and AWC with a single built-in robot. 2. ATC spindle is compatible with automatic grinding wheel replacement. 3. High-precision indexing circular table realizes multi-dimension continuous machining with a single clamping motion.

The optical profile grinder GLS-150GL UP is used in the production of the parts of die mold, machine, and special tools. In addition, digitalization reduced setup time and increased productivity, and seamless grinding achieved process integration.

At the 15th hall, the company will combine an automated system that can load and unload workpieces and measure load with the CM II-75DG, carbide-tipped circular saw machine for small diameter steel. Amada Machine Tools will also display hyper saw HPSAW-310, vertical tilt-frame band saw machine VT-4555M, and diamond band saw machine DBSAW-500, and Internet of Things solution V-factory.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool / ZI20A 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool (Hall 26, Stand A122) will display the internal gear grinding machine ZI20A in order to enable the high speed and high accuracy machining of the internal gear which is difficult to machine and show the movie and panels of the super skiving machine MSS300. The company will also unveil the new technology in directed energy deposition AM System, LAMDA, which was released in March 2019. Neither of these products currently has competitive technology, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool will make a big contribution to the European market.

What Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool recommends the most is internal gear grinding machine, ZI20A, and the catchphrase is “high-efficiency, high-precision grinding of mass-produced internal and external gears.”

The three main features are as follows: 1. ISO 4 class quality achieved efficiently by generating grinding process. 2. Competitive tool cost by customized grinding wheels. 3. It is an automated device for high-volume production.

The grinding wheel speed is 15,000 rpm and maximum table speed is 6,000 rpm. There are 8 NC axes. The automobile industry is the target market.



TAIYO KOKI (Hall 2, Stand A21) will exhibit in DMG MORI booths. The company highly recommends CNC vertical multi-process grinding machine, CVG-6. The catchphrase is “next-generation standard model of vertical grinding machine.”

The three main features are as follows: 1. Process integration enables high precision and high productivity by grinding Inner Diameter (ID), Outer Diameter (OD) and face in one-time chucking. 2. Direct Drive motor on work spindle (option) enables profile grinding such as cam shape, curvic coupling. 3. Auto pallet change system (option) enables workpiece setup during operation which significantly reduces non-grinding time and improves productivity. The ID grinding range is 50 to 600mm and OD grinding range is 600mm. The work swing is 650mm.

Target markets includes aerospace, machinery, construction and agricultural machinery, energy-related, and semiconductors industries.


Shigiya Machinery Works / GPH-30B ・75

Shigiya Machinery Works (Hall 11, Stand D62) will present GPH-30B of CNC cylindrical grinder  with MeisterHandwheels that introduces its original technologies. It is a new product. It enables high-precision grinding with simple operation. It can be operated like a manual machine even though it is an NC machine since X and Z axis manual handwheels are mounted on the apron. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from a single product with a lot of changeover to a wide variety of products, small lot production. High accuracy hydrostatic slide ways and low vibration motors enable high accuracy grinding, which is available for S-Type.

The largest workpiece length is 750mm (range from 500mm to 2000mm) and swing over table is 300mm or 400mm. The minimum input increment is 0.05μm for the X-axis and 0.1μm for the Z-axis. The target market is expected to include aerospace, machinery, construction machinery and the agricultural equipment industry.



Mitsubishi Electric / MV4800R

Mitsubishi Electric (Hall 13, Stand B92) will promote the latest models of machine tools which installed the control device D-CUBES corresponding to Internet of Things (IoT).

Wire-cut electrical discharge machines (WEDM) will be exhibited, including the MP2400, the high-end model of water machining fluid specification machines, and the middle-size WEDM, MV4800R, which is unveiled at INTERMOLD held in Tokyo on April 2019. The new model of die-sinking electrical discharge machines (SEDM) will be on display for the first time in the world. Mitsubishi Electric will also connect machine tool common interface “umati” to its machine tool to realize Industry 4.0 and explains the latest technologies and functions of the latest IoT solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric highly recommends middle-size WEDM, MV4800R at EMO. Thermal buster function is originally installed. The machining accuracy is enhanced by suppressing the thermal displacement of the machine body during machining. 20/25 kg spool is built in machine, realizing small foot print. The target markets are expected to be automobiles, aerospace, machinery, and energy industries.

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