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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Ancillary equipment for machine tools (2/3)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.


MST Corporation / SMART GRIP

MST Corporation (Hall 3, Stand H5) will demonstrate and give a presentation of tool holders and workpiece clamping jig for automation and process integration.

The three presentations will be given including “proposal of holders and workpiece clamping system optimal for5-axis and5-side machining”, “proposal of shrink-fit holder SLIMLINE”, and “proposal of improvement of machining efficiency by ANGLE HEAD.”

The three demonstrations of machining using BT30 and small machining center will be prepared including “comparison of machining capability between shrink-fit holders and collet holder”, “comparison of machining by difference in length of holders and protrusion of cutting tool”, “machining of BT30 small angle head.”

What the company recommends the most is Quick Change Work-Holder System, SMART GRIP, and the catch-phrase is “this work-piece clamping system maximizes the performance of your 5-axis machining center!”

The three main features are as follows: 1. Less interference and superior accessibility. 2. Off line preparation enable to change workpiece quickly. 3. It clamps a workpiece strongly with minimum clamping length.

There are two types of Quick Change Type and Direct-mounting Type. HSK, High rigidity, is adapted for the interface of Quick Change Type.


NT TOOL / Slim Hydro Chuck Blaster

NT TOOL (Hall 3, Stand E45) will showcase a fully automatic contactless tool presetter linked to the robot arm as a new product. In addition, the company will conduct machining demonstration of processiong machines equipped with its flagship hydraulic chuck series. It will promote high-efficiency and high-quality machining to visitors.

NT TOOL highly recommend Slim Hydro Chuck Blaster, PHC・SA-C and PHC・SA-NC. The out-of-center accuracy is 3μm. The three main features of the Slim Hydro Chuck Blaster are as follows: 1. Coolant Effectively supplies to cutting edge. 2. Anti-vibration effect provides better surface. 3. Safe chip removal and optimum chip formation are realized.

Interface standards corresponds SK, BT, HSK, UTS and CAT. Diameter of PHC·SA-C is 3 to 25mm and that of PHC·SA-NC is 4 to 12mm.



SHOWA TOOL (Hall 3, Stand A9) will exhibit N series of MICRON CHUCK series which realizes high speed and high accuracy machining at the world-class runout accuracy. The N series is a short-type of the M series, and it is suitable for machining small parts and small die mold.

The company highly recommends BBT40-HPC06N-090A of the MICRON CHUCK N series. It’s a slim and short mechanical chuck. It is easy to attach and remove with only one size of chucking wrench. There are 6 types of chuck sizes with a diameter of 3-12mm. It guarantees such runouts as 2μm at 3xD in case of AA grade.

Target markets are the automobile industry, aerospace, precision machinery, and medical equipment.

The company will also showcase FIRSTCUT as a new product. It is a boring system for ultra-precision finishing that realizes high feed accuracy. It enables high rigidity and easy operation.

It is available for small diameter holes of 3 to 28mm, medium diameter holes of 25 to 73mm, and large diameter holes of 70 to 360mm.









ALPSTOOL (Hall 5, Stand B1) will present various tools holders including the turning tool, ALPS CAPTO, AR coolant collet, NICE MILL Series, and the AQT system. The catchphrase is “high accuracy and high pressure.” The featured product is the AR coolant collet. ALPSTOOL Europe will display two types of collets, AR/OH and AR/C.

The three main features are as follows: 1. High pressure coolant is possible without sealing discs for both types. 2. AR coolant collet is a liquid sealing collet applying special slitting, and enables complete sealing of high pressure coolant. It corresponds to high pressure coolant 7MPa. 3. AR/C was added to the coolant groove to the inner diameter of the collet and this coolant groove has been made possible refueling effective to the tip of the tool.

AR/OH coolant collet size is 11mm to 50mm, and the AR/C coolant collet size is 11mm to 32mm. The target markets are expected to include automobiles, aerospace, electrical and electronic components, machinery, medical equipment, and precision machinery.


Xebec Technology / XEBEC Brush

Xebec Technology (Hall 3, Stand H56) supports global machining sites as a specialist in burr capture automation of deburring. The company will display XEBEC Brush and XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path at EMO2019. XEBEC Brush uses its original abrasive ceramic fibers. Deburring is automated in the machine by stable grinding and non-deformable wire. The catchphrase is “CNC deburring tools by the unique ceramic fiber material!”

The three main features are as follows: 1. CNC deburring and polishing tool dramatically improves productivity. 2. It overwhelms grinding power. 3. It realizes consistent cutting performance.

The company offers four types including XEBEC brushes, wheel types, bores and cross holes, and ceramics grinding stones. The rotational speed is 960 to 8000 rpm depending on a brush size. Maximum rotational speed is 10000 rpm. The feed rate is 4,000 mm per minute for burr root thickness 0. 05 mm, 2,500 mm per minute for burr root thickness 0. 1 mm, and 300 mm per minute for cutter mark removal or polishing. Depth of cut is 0.3 to1. 0 mm for deburring, 0.3 to 0. 5 mm for cutter mark removal, and 0. 2 to 0. 5 mm for polishing. XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path enables to automate deburring of off-center cross hole, angled cross hole, and so on which were typically done manually.

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