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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Ancillary equipment for machine tools (1/3)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.


Nikken Kosakusho Works / 5AX-2MT-182-250B


Nikken Kosakusho Works (Hall 5, Stand G59) will exhibit 5AX-2MT-182-250B, a new 5-axis CNC rotary table.

The 5AX-2MT-182-250B is compact and lightweight. It also has multiple spindles. It is characterized by high productivity because multiple workpieces can be machined in a single setup. The diameter of the table is 182mm. The automobile industry is a major target.


Pascal / roller gear index table  MDF

Pascal (Hall 4, Stand A72) will exhibit roller gear index table, MDF, for small vertical machining center.

The three main features are as follows: 1. Roller gear index table is operable in a maintenance-free state keeping an initial accuracy for a long time. 2. It enables high speed indexing with no brake so the tact time can be reduced and superior in productivity. 3. 9-ports rotary joint is incorporatable in a compact body.

Diameter of output shaft is 130mm, index accuracy is ±20 arcsec and repeatability is 10arcsec. The company will also showcase clamp cylinder sensor model at EMO 2019.


SANKYO SEISAKUSHO / CNC rotary table RCD105 

SANKYO SEISAKUSHO (Hall 6, Stand H82) will offer a lineup ranging from small type to large type of CNC rotary tables RCD-series, which can mount servo motors on the side, top, and back of the machine. In addition, SANKYO SEISAKUSHO will give a demonstration of the new product, RTD350, double-sided specifications of the CNC tilting rotary table.

SANKYO SEISAKUSHO highly recommends RCD105 of CNC rotary table. The two main features are as follows: 1. Zero backlash with a structure highly resistant to unbalanced loads for clamp-free machining. 2. Initial accuracy maintained for the expected life of the product with no metal wear on components.

The table diameter is 105mm with 100 rpm. The target market includes automobile, electrical and electronic components, aerospace, machinery, precision machinery, medical equipment, and job shops.


KOSMEK / High-power Pneumatic Clamp WHE 

 KOSMEK (Hall 3, Stand G45) will give demonstration High-power Pneumatic Clamp of WHE series that exerts the same clamping force which replaces hydraulics. Its catchphrase is “Clamping force which replaces hydraulic clamp. Development of high-power pneumatic link clamp.” The pneumatic clamp is considered to have a weaker clamping force than the hydraulic clamp. However, high-power pneumatic clamp has a clamping force as same as that of hydraulic, and exhibits a strong holding force against a large machining reaction force.

The main features are the following three points: 1. The hydraulic power pack and clamping systems can be eliminated by using pneumatic systems. 2. Clamping force is suppressed to necessary minimum by the powerful holding force beyond clamping force, and work distortion can be decreased. 3. Higher clamping force is achieved by low operating pressure.

Four types of cylinder outputs of 0.6kN, 1.0kN, 1.6kN, and 2.4kN are prepared for pneumatic pressure 0.5MPa. The maximum operating pressure is 0.5MPa and the allowable operating temperature is 0 to 70°C. The automobile industry is expected to be the target market.


Kitagawa /standard power chuck BR-series

The booth concept of Kitagawa (Hall 5, Stand D70) is “automation”, where demand continues to grow, and will show automation systems and peripheral equipment with robots. The company will also focus on the exhibition of the next-generation chuck BR-series.

The catchphrase of BR series is “Next-generation standard chucks that overwhelm conventional wisdom.” The main two features are as follows: 1. It realizes high gripping accuracy and repeatability. 2. High performance, gripping accuracy and repeatability, can be kept even after jaw desorption, when T-nut plus is used.

The gripping accuracy is ±10μm and the gripping accuracy after jaw desorption when T-nut plus is ±10μm. The company will prepare four types of BR06, BR08, BR10, BR12 according to the chuck size. The target market is automobile industry.


Matsumoto Machine / MMK Automatic Jaw Exchange System

Matsumoto Machine (Hall 3, Stand A13) will propose MMK Automatic Jaw Exchange System. The catchphrase is “it is able to exchange all jaws at once & 24/7 automation with robot.”

The MMK Automaic Jaw Exchange System is composed of a replacement plate on which the jaws are mounted and a chuck body. All the jaws can be automatically replaced at a time by installing the replacement plate using a robot or a loader. It is particularly effective in automation of variable volume production. The chuck diameter is 8 inches and has a maximum rpm of 3600. The maximum gripping force of the workpiece is 58.8kN.

The Target markets are expected to be a wide range of industries, including automobiles, aerospace, machinery, construction machinery and agricultural equipment, energy, and job shops.

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