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DMG MORI SAILING TEAM starts training program for young skippers

January 28, 2022

DMG MORI SAILING TEAM has started a training program for young skipper trainees in February 2022. DMG MORI SAILING TEAM is an ocean-going sailing team launched in 2018 by DMG MORI, a leading machine tool builder.

Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi, who completed the “Vendée Globe 2020-2021”, and his team will teach four young trainees the sailing knowledge, the boat building methods, and the electronics-related knowledge and skills. In 2021, DMG MORI SAILING TEAM has launched “DMG MORI SAILING ACADEMY”, a program to train young skippers and engineers. This training program is also a part of it.

The young trainees will become a part of the team and acquire practical skills through actual activities. The four trainees are Mr. Federico Sampei, a skipper trainee, Mr. Hajime Kokumai, a co-skipper trainee, Ms. Laure Galley, a skipper trainee, and Mr. Alexandre Demange, a co-skipper trainee. They are aiming to compete in the “Mini Transat 2023”, which will be held in 2023.

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