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DMG MORI offers e-learning on 5-Axis machine tool operation

December 15, 2021

On November 30, 2021, DMG MORI, a major machine tool builder, began offering an e-learning course to learn how to operate 5-axis machining centers and create NC programs. Until now, DMG MORI has provided face-to-face lectures that allow users to learn the operation of 5-axis machines in a maximum of four days, but for the e-learning course, the lectures have been shortened to eight hours. The course content includes basic operation of the 5-axis machine tools and basic programming. The course will be offered in the “Digital Academy” online learning contents that was launched in June 2020. Participants can apply for the course through the portable website “my DMG MORI. The company is also planning to offer courses on multi-tasking machines and AM (additive manufacturing) technology.

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