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[Post Show Report:MECT2021 #2]Automation solutions attract attention

November 4, 2021

MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (MECT) 2021 was held at Port Messe Nagoya in Minato Ward, Nagoya City for four days from October 20 to 23, 2021. A total of 68,929 people visited the trade show over the four days.

At MECT2021, the exhibition of automation solutions stood out.

DMG MORI displayed two new collaborative robot systems under the theme of automation. These are the “MATRIS Light”, a hand-pushed cart equipped with a collaborative robot, and the “WH-AGV5”, an AGV equipped with a collaborative robot. Both are useful for automation of high-mix low-volume production.

STAR MICRONICS, a Swiss-type automatic lathe builder, exhibited a collaborative robot system as a one of the featured products. This system is an AGV equipped with a collaborative robot, which automates the collection of workpieces after machining by automatic lathe.

FANUC, a maker of CNC equipment and robots, presented its robot system “QSSR ON-SITE” for automating existing machine tools. It can be connected to existing machine tools and easily automated by simply modifying the program.


In addition to automation solutions, solutions for electric vehicle parts also drew attention, and the SEISANZAI Japan editorial team will be introducing solutions for EV parts, exhibitors showed off tomorrow.


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