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DMG MORI uses a supercomputer for digital twin test cut

November 25, 2021

DMG MORI has combined high-speed processing by the supercomputer “Fugaku” with “Digital Twin Test Cut”, the company’s digital test machining technology.

DMG MORI launched its Digital Twin Test Cut technology in February 2021. The technology reproduces the dynamic machining conditions of a machine tool in a digital space and can calculate actual machining results, including cycle time.

The results are provided in as little as two business days and the service has been well received by customers. However, the processing time tends to be longer for blades and molds with complex curved surfaces.

Therefore, DMG MORI has implemented Digital Twin Test Cut in the supercomputer Fugaku of RIKEN. With the supercomputer Fugaku, digital test machining time that would have taken 8 hours can be reduced to only 10 minutes, which is a 98% reduction.

DMG MORI can now provide customers with test machining results in the shortest amount of time. In addition, DMG MORI’s digital test machining is environment friendly since it does not require the actual usage of tools, workpieces, and coolant like during conventional test machining.


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