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Follow-up: Murata Machinery, showing off its latest parts center

April 13, 2018

Murata Machinery was announced the foundation of “Muratec Global Parts Center (MGPC)”to press on March 1st, 2018.  It was invested about 2 billion yen.

MGPC adopted a number of its proprietary products and IoT technologies.

Pallets and buckets, three types of self-made automatic warehouse (photo) for long lengths are in operation. Store up to about 48,000 maintenance parts and consumables such as machine tools and logistics systems.

In automatic warehouse, Murata Machinery also adopted its own base isolation and vibration damping device.

The two parts warehouses in the same office have been consolidated into MGPC.

Murata Machinery will make maximum use of IoT technology and aim for more efficient operation.

With the advancement of IT and AI, MGPC will also evolve more and more,” Daisuke Murata, the president of Murata Machinery, said.

Furthermore, he also revealed the idea to connect the operation system of MGPC to other parts warehouses and higher system, and to tackle the “visualization” of inventory situation on a global scale.

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