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OSG reached the highest sales in the past

November 26, 2017

Sales of OSG for the fiscal year ended November 2017 rose 13.9% from the previous year to 120,198 million yen and it was the highest previous in the past.  It was announced at the New Year Ceremony on January 15th 2018.  Sales profits increased 4.9% to 19,137 million yen, and net profits increased 38.1% to 13,993 million yen.  In addition to the 12% increase in sales of major taps, the end mills and drills also showed two orders of magnitude increase in demand recovery for construction machinery in China.  The president Norio Ishikawa  (=photograph) said “The main orders for taps, end mills and drills have increased significantly. We would like to make an effort in the future.”

For the fiscal year ending November 2018, they aims to achieve sales of 130,000 million yen, operating profits of 220,000 million yen, and net profits of 135,000 million yen.

They will also invest 11 billion yen for capital investment for this fiscal year.

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