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NaITO held a New Year Ceremony

January 9, 2018

NaITO, trading company of machine tools, held a New Year Ceremony at the hotel in Tokyo on January 9th 2018. Mr. Shuji Sakai, president of NaITO, gave a speech about activity report of 2017 and the basic policy of 2018. About 300 suppliers attended. In 2017, NaITO conducted about 540 seminars to introduce its products to users and distributors and a Total of 8,200 people attended.

NaITO also reported that its latest deburring solutions and visual inspections attracted the attention of visitors at “MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (MECT) 2017”. Total sales for the third quarter through February 18 increased by 7.9% from the previous year to 35 billion yen. President Mr. Sakai said, “We can achieve our full-year sales target of 45.3 billion yen.”

In addition, as in the previous year, the company cited four policies for 2018: 1) strengthening its expertise, 2) closing contact with the community and face-to-face sales, 3) strengthening its information dissemination function, and 4) aggressive overseas expansion. President Mr. Sakai said, “We aim to develop human resources who can keep up with manufactures’ sales by enhancing the knowledge.”


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