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Yamazen held New Year Ceremony at 5 locations in Japan

January 5, 2018

Machine tool trading company Yamazen held New Year Ceremony 2018 with partner makers at a hotel in Osaka (=photo) on January 5th 2018. Mr. Yuji Nagao, president of Yamazen and the Mr. Meguru Nakata chairman attended the ceremony. More than 800 people from 384 companies with FA builders and household equipment makers attended.

At the opening of the ceremony, Mr. Nagao said “Even though there are geopolitical risks in various areas, the economy is fundamentally strong. Although machine builders have problems with delivery of key components, the market is expected to remain firm for the time being. Many are interested in attraction of the world expo in Osaka. We would like to make Japan energetic from Osaka”. He also said “the management slogan in this year is ≪”Let challenge own evolution with new motivation every day and open up a bright future≫.”

Yamazen also held New Year Ceremony in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima. At total, 2745 people from 1,472 companies participated. Yamazen aims to achieve sales of 500 billion yen and ordinary income of 15 billion yen in the last fiscal year.


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