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YASKAWA Electric sales hit record high

April 25, 2022

YASKAWA Electric announced its financial results for the fiscal year(FY) ending February 2022. The company applies IFRS, and its sales revenue increased by 22.9% year-on-year(YoY) to 479,082 million yen. The revenue for FY2022 was the highest ever, exceeding the 474.6 billion yen for FY2019. Operating profit increased by 94.5% to 52.86 billion yen.

Hiroshi Ogasawara, Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, President, summarized, “Capital investment for upgrading and automating production was active in the manufacturing industry in general. Although raw material and logistics costs soared, we were able to secure profits through thorough cost control and other measures”.

The company forecasts that sales revenue for FY2023 will increase by 9.6% YoY to 525 billion yen and operating profit by 36.2% YoY to 72 billion yen.

“Although there are some concerns, such as the situation in Ukraine, orders for industrial robots are increasing significantly overseas. Demand will remain at a high level in the future,” said President Ogasawara.

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