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Yuasa Trading focuses on overseas expansion, environment, and digital innovation

July 5, 2024

On May 24, Yuasa Trading held the annual general meeting of its supplier association, the “Tan (charcoal) Association”, in Tokyo. President Hiroyuki Tamura reported on the company’s performance and growth strategies for the fiscal year ending March 2024. 

Strong performance in FY 2024 

Yuasa Trading reported a 4.3% increase in sales revenue to JPY 526.5 billion and a 2.3% increase in ordinary income to JPY 15.7 billion for the fiscal year ending March 2024. The company’s housing equipment, pipe materials, and air conditioning businesses were particularly strong, with sales increasing by more than 10%. For the fiscal year ending March 2025, the company has set a sales revenue target of JPY 542.4 billion, an increase of 3.0%. 

Medium-term management plan “Growing Together 2026” 

Yuasa Trading is advancing its “Growing Together 2026” medium-term management plan, which aims to achieve sustainable growth by focusing on three key areas this fiscal year: overseas expansion, environmental solutions (“Green”), and digital technologies including robotics, IoT, and AI. As part of its overseas strategy, the company will hold its first “Grand Fair” exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, in February next year. 

Emphasizing the importance of these three growth areas, President Tamura commented, “The success of our mid-term plan depends on the growth of these sectors. By enhancing our solutions, we aim to drive sales growth.” 


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