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YUASA TRADING develops space-efficient automated picking system with Phoxter and PLUS Logistics

March 13, 2024

YUASA TRADING, in collaboration with Phoxter (Osaka, Japan, President & CEO: Junichi Sonoda), an industrial camera and image processing equipment provider, and PLUS Logistics (Tokyo, Japan, President: Teruo Wakasa), a logistics company, introduces the “Twin Pick” automated picking conveyor system designed for logistics facilities. 

This system synchronously controls two types of robots, a “high-rack automatic guided vehicle” and a “low-rack automatic guided vehicle,” streamlining human labor and minimizing energy consumption during picking operations. The system eliminates the need for extensive conveyor lines, making it ideal for installation in distribution facilities with limited space. The high-rack shelves have the capacity to store products up to 8 meters high, increasing storage efficiency. 

For the future launch, YUASA TRADING plans to introduce the system to the public at its distribution center in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, scheduled for May 2024.


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