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Yuasa Trading launches a new e-commerce site(1/2)

September 1, 2018

Make EC site a pillar of business growth
On May 23, 2018, Yuasa opened Growing Navi, a new Internet-based e-commerce website.
The new website lists cutting tools, machine tool, construction machinery, and a wide range of other products that the company handles.
President Hiroyuki Tamura says his aim is to streamline the flow of products from suppliers to end-users via the web and dealers.


Mechanism to improve dealer’s proposal capability

Yuasa Trading, get products from Tann-kyoukai, the association composed of suppliers such as manufacturer, then wholesale it to Yamazumi-kai, composed of dealers.  The new site was also adapted to that business model.

At the new site, the company aims to strengthen its business model that integrates suppliers, Yuasa Trading, and dealers.  The system allows only dealers to place orders without direct sales to end users.  The structure is shaped like a giant EC site “Amazon” retail searches the goods on the site, the wholesale price and quantity to order the delivery date.

The dealer can check the order history and grasp the shipment status.  By computerizing written and telephone interactions with customers, dealers can simplify the provision of product information and ordering operations, and concentrate on proposal sales to customers.

Mr. Tamura, president of Yuasa, who held a conference with the opening of the new site, “we opened the new site in response to strong requests from the Yamazumi member. We aimed to create a specification that covers all of the products we handle,” explained the development process.  After the conference was held and opening ceremony.


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