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Matsuura develops new main spindle: High-precision machining one step ahead

June 6, 2022

Matsuura Machinery has launched the newly designed LF-160, a high precision linear motor machine, and started accepting orders.

The LX-Series is an ultra high speed vertical linear motor machine series, driven by linear motors and achieving both high speed and high precision performance. Since its debut in 1998, 243 machines have sold (as of the end of March 2022), and have been installed in the precision mold, medical equipment, and impeller industries.

This is the first LX-Series model change in 11 years, and Matsuura developed 4 models simultaneously. These include: the high grade linear motor machine base model, LX-160 (5-axis) /LM-500 (3-axis), and the high precision linear motor machine high-end model, LF-160 (5-axis) /LV-500 (3-axis).

As the world transforms to sophisticated information-driven society, high precision electronic components become smaller and more complicated. Consequently, the need for high precision mold manufacturing increases. To address the labor shortage problem and meet the demand for production efficiency improvement, the Matsuura LF-160 provides high precision and unmanned operation, while offering high productivity and manpower savings.


Main Features

(1) Machining accuracy improving manufacturing efficiency, standardization, and quality control

(2) Expandable automation design, offering both manpower savings and high productivity

(3) Total support functions for reliable 5-axis machining and prolonged unmanned operation

(4) Environmental protection by reducing wasteful power consumption with auto power off function


Shorten Mold Polishing Process by Surface Roughness Ra0.1µm in High Speed Machining

For the market that requires ultra-precision machining, and customers who require less mold surface polishing, Matsuura achieved Ra0.1 µm or less in surface roughness during high speed machining with the newly developed low-vibration spindle (65% reduction versus conventional). The newly developed low-vibration spindle suppresses tool rotation run out and contributes to extending the life of small-diameter tools.


Achieve Manpower Savings and High Productivity in High-Variation/Low-Volume Production and Prolonged Unmanned Operation

To solve labor shortages in the workplace, the LF-160 / LX-160 can optionally build an automation system with up to 338 tools (matrix magazine) and up to 91 pallets (linear pallet system), while easily achieving high-variation/low-volume production and prolonged unmanned operation. The tool/pallet schedule management functions are built into the NC screen. Matsuura’s in-house software, developed by engineers with decades-long experience, makes daily management easier. Even during prolonged unmanned operation, stable machining accuracy can be achieved by equipping Matsuura’s newly developed environmental thermal displacement compensation function as standard.


Comfortable Operability for 5-axis Machining and Night/Weekends Unmanned Operation

Matsuura L-Tech 31i (iHMI, 15-inch touch panel type), equipped as standard, improves the visibility and operability of the NC screen. The Matsuura original collision prevention function (Intelligent Protection System) is installed as standard on the NC screen. Previously requiring an external PC, this function prevents collision from programming errors during auto operation and human errors during manual operation. To support unmanned operation at night and on weekends, “Operation Status Monitoring Function” is installed as standard for visualizing operation status on the NC screen. “Machine Information Output (MT Connect)” can be selected as an option for visualizing the operation status of the entire factory, including machines from other manufacturers. “Matsuura Remote Monitoring System” which enables operation status monitoring and pallet schedule editing remotely and, “Coolant Management System” which automatically manages and refills coolant are also available as options. As part of environmental commitment to reduce energy costs, wasteful power consumption is reduced by a standard new function that automatically turns off the machine power when not in use, to increase the shop’s productivity.

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